Successful Migration and Peace of Mind

Summary: When looking for a facility to host your application(s) and critical data there are many aspects to be mindful of, such as location, environmental concerns, energy prices, onsite management capabilities, etc.  Data centers have to be more than just a data storage facility.  They have to be a managed service provider, an expert on electricity consumption, understand complex cooling models and have a wide knowledge base of data infrastructure.  There are many factors that are considered when researching the appropriate datacenter, and prospective clients will have different opinions on what is most important to them.

The Client

When a major human services company with a Fortune 500 customer base, specializing in organization change management solutions went looking for a stable, secure environment with scalability for hosting their new web based application, based on their own best practices model; they knew what they were looking for. They needed the management expertise found at a principle data center to facilitate a large scale migration project. Additionally they wanted the flexibility and personalized attention that a small data center can provide to protect their intellectual property. They found what they were looking for at Parsec Data Management.

The Challenge

Parsec Data’s client has a significant web-based interface configuration and self-service tools offering. Additionally, this infrastructure supported outward facing applications that were prime revenue generators for the client. After suffering frequent power outages at their previous data center location coupled with spiraling costs and the inability to support growth they began the search for a facility that would better meet their needs.As a company that specialized in establishing best practices for their customers they had a list of established needs that included tight security measures, additional redundancy features for cooling and power backup, and scalability. Planning for the complexities of the migration was critical because of tight scheduling and the client’s low tolerance for business risk.

The Solution

Parsec Data’s strict project management methodology provided all of the necessary enablers to execute a successful migration.Parsec Data Management partnered with Eide Bailly Technology Consulting to ensure a minimum of down time during the equipment migration. Managed services beyond the internal scope of services offered by Parsec Data were administrated by Eide Bailly. This synergistic approach resulted in a near flawless execution. Equipment traveled across the country arriving on Saturday during a national holiday and the Parsec Data team was on-site to assist in the set up.


The end result was a well-executed migration project to Parsec’s data center facility with additional managed services by Eide Bailly. The client’s Fortune 500 customers data is secure and protected by our strict server access policies, intrusion detection and 24/7 network monitoring. With their environment secure the client is now strategically poised for major growth and expansion.

“Our choice of hosting facility needed to have the reliability and access that was necessary to ensure un-interrupted access of the documents by our members. I have peace of mind knowing that our information is housed at Parsec data.”
– Parsec Customer

About Parsec

Parsec is the preferred Montana-based Tier 3 qualified commercial data center offering companies the safest and most secure choice for mission critical storage and solutions in the region. Parsec Data has obtained, maintained, and demonstrated SOC 2 Type II, PCI, and HIPAA compliances in their 10,000-square foot facility.

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