Department of Defense Extends Invitation to Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (LR-x®)

Billings, MT – The Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative, within the Department of Defense, recently invited Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (LR-x®) to join them in their booths at the Fire House World Expo in Los Angeles, CA, March 24-28, 2019, and International Association of Fire Chief’s HAZMAT Conference in Baltimore, June 13-16, 2019. The Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative coordinates all Department of Defense efforts to identify, evaluate, and transfer to Federal, State, and local first responders technology items and equipment in support of homeland security.

The primary focus of Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC is to provide an enhanced mobile (Apple and Android) tool that will bring a level of situational awareness to a Hazardous Materials incident. LR-x® Technology gives you the ability to establish current and forecasted plume modeling on a Google map, identify Tier II locations within a response area, and view extensive wind field modeling over terrain – critical information when managing a HazMat incident. Additional user-friendly options include, but are not limited to, autocompletion of an incident’s address, the ability to view current traffic flow, and the capability of sharing key information with other responders. Currently in development is the integration of ICS fillable forms and mapping tools – features that move LR-x® Technology beyond a plume modeling tool to a comprehensive incident management tool for all first responders.

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