Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC Introduces Additional User-Friendly Updates to LR-x® Technology

Billings, MT – December 3, 2018 – Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (DBTS), announces additional user-friendly updates to keep Hazmat Teams and First Responders safe.  In addition to feedback from multiple departments, ongoing discussions with Captain Coe, Captain Rodolfo and Captain Wilson from the Houston, TX Fire Department have proved invaluable at providing feedback from those of who the system is aimed toward helping.

Originally integrated with Google Maps, tablet touch controls allow a user to easily create an incident location by dropping a pin.  Although this has its advantages if the specific address of an incident is unknown, the added option of typing in an incident address has enhanced usability.  Autocompletion of the incident address provides a selectable dropdown of options based on a user’s geographic location.  By primarily working off a specific address, a Hazmat Team member is able to minimize mistakes, spend less time deciphering maps, and less time inputting extensive parameters.  These seamless integrations of a 3D Wind Field and ALOHA model model results in under 5 minutes, with roadmaps, satellite images, Google Maps and Google Earth providing the most current information possible viewable on a mobile device or iPad.

With the new share capability that has been implemented, you can now easily share key information (incident address via terrain or satellite view, current and forecasted plume threat zone modeling, weather conditions, and current traffic flow) without a user id or app required of the receiving party.  Response team members can email Police, Emergency Operations Center (EOC), etc. a separate link that will provide viewability to the proprietary 3D WindField model, chemical, current conditions and forecasts.  The links can be viewed on a mobile device or tablet and the user can edit their view of modeled wind, 5m/50m layer, and Tier 2 Chemical Locations.  According to Perry Rockvam, DBTS Director of Sales and retired Police Chief of 30 years, “The sooner you can coordinate as a team the faster you can begin managing the event so that event does not manage you.”

Traffic flow and the safety of travelers runs parallel with responding to a Hazmat incident.  The ability to view traffic flow in the current conditions model is essential to securing an incident parameter and keeping travelers in the community safe.  Populating a LR-x® Technology model while en route to an incident and implementing the traffic option provides Hazmat responders critical information regarding which roads are in the impact zone and flow of traffic due to road closures.

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