Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC Licenses Army’s 3-D Modeling System to Pinpoint Chemical Plumes

Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (DBTS) has signed an exclusive technology licensing deal with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) located in White Sands, New Mexico, under US Patent Application 13/452,047 filed on April 20, 2012.  This license allows for DBTS to commercially produce the Local-Rapid Evaluation of Atmospheric Conditions 3-D modeling system (L-REAC), and includes an on-going collaborative work relationship with ARL to enhance the technology.

LR-x® Technology (DBTS’s commercial brand name for the technology) is paradigm shifting technology in toxic chemical release incidents and wildfire safety mitigation. The LR-x® Technology maps wind field and toxic plume footprints to provide first responder situational awareness in evaluating airborne haz­ards in near real time utilizing up-to-date 3D models to ensure proper safe zones are established and to assist in proper mitigation of the threat based on localized atmospheric conditions. It can also help in tracking dangerous wildfire smoke and assist in focusing wild fire suppression efforts.


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