Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (LR-x®) Announces Strategic Reseller Agreement with Coastal Environmental Systems

Today, Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (LR-x® Technology) announced a strategic reseller agreement with Coastal Environmental Systems. The agreement enables Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC to resell WEATHERPAK® Weather Stations. The LR-x ® custom software is fully integrated into the new display unit of Coastal Environmental Systems. When using a weather sensor, LR-x ® will switch to using a Hazmat Response Team’s WEATHERPAK® Weather Station automatically, allowing for incident-specific weather data to be used in LR-x®.

LR-x® is a mobile (Apple & Android) cloud based, easy to use, real time technology for heightened situational awareness of chemical spills, CBRN threat, airborne hazard events, and wildfire management. By producing a hazard visualization in near real time, HazMat Response Teams can make decisions using 3D Wind Field and ALOHA model results in under 5 minutes utilizing mobile devices/tablets. LR-x® is based on patented technology developed and licensed exclusively to Diamond B Technology Solutions by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory under U.S. Patent 9,911,303 issued March 6, 2018.

?WEATHERPAK® weather station’s equipment is easy to use and deploy, designed for extreme environments, and customizable to meet the specific requirements of any industry. “Coastal Environmental Systems is an industry leader in weather station solutions,” said Scott Roller, Vice President of Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC. “Through this reseller agreement, we look forward to working closely with Coastal Environmental Systems to assist and educate our LR-x® customers of the value of WEATHERPAK® offerings.”

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