Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (LR-x® Technology) Announces Strategic Affiliation

Billings, MT – Today, Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (LR-x® Technology) announced a strategic affiliation with Sierra Wireless® in conjunction with AVI Systems to provide the MG90 as an added solution to the LR-x® application utilizing its FirstNet capabilities for secure and prioritized communication for iPads and weather sensors.  LR-x® is a cloud based, easy to use, real time technology for heightened situational awareness of chemical spills, CBRN threat, airborne hazard events, and wildfire management.  First response decisions can be made using 3D Wind Field and ALOHA model results in under 5 minutes by use of a mobile device or tablet.

LR-x® is based on patented technology developed and licensed exclusively to Diamond B Technology Services, LLC by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory under U.S. Patent 9,911,303 issued March 6, 2018.

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LR-x and Sierra Wireless Press Release


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