Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (LR-x® Technology) Signs Agreement With IBM/The Weather Company

Billings, MT – Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (LR-x® Technology) has recently signed an agreement with IBM/The Weather Company to incorporate their “Enhanced Current Conditions” and “Enhanced Forecast” services as our standard weather service for LR-x® Technology! We now utilize The Weather Company’s services to provide our customers with the most advanced current and forecasted weather conditions available. In addition to the Current Conditions model, Forecasts will now be in 15, and then 30-minute intervals from the time the initial model is run, for a total of 3 Forecasted Models.

We strive to set the standard for plume modeling technology in the hazmat world and believe that the most accurate modeling systems require the absolute best weather services available. First responder safety and the communities they serve are too important to provide anything less!

IBM/The Weather Company
Enhanced Current Conditions and Forecast Information Summary

  • Includes Current on Demand data set of conditions covering the globe at a 4km resolution with select variables downscaled to 400m of relevant temperature and wind
  • Location mapping services based on zip code, geocode, city, state, region, district, and province
  • Utilizes leading-edge model forecasting, expertise from 200 meteorologists and related scientists, and a network of observations, radar, and satellite assimilation and modelling capabilities to deliver the most accurate forecasts at 500-square-meter resolution globally
  • Provides the availability of continuously updated and more frequently available forecasts, allowing the modification of forecast intervals for each model run
  • Forecasts are updated every 15minutes to best represent rapidly changing conditions.
  • Based on over 200,000 personal weather stations, which rely on individual weather enthusiasts to broadcast their local conditions, and traditional data sources (METAR and SYNOP)

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