Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (LR-x®) Unveils Cutting-edge Updates to Hazmat Response and Risk Management Software

Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (DBTS), a leader in technology and logistic solutions, today announced new updates to an already robust LR-x® Technology platform.  Thanks to U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s Pamela Clark (Chief, Battlefield Environment Division, Computational and Information Sciences Directorate) and her team consisting of Dr. Yansen Wang and Giap Huynh (among others), the functionality of LR-x® continues to advance at a rapid pace.

Implementing the latest version of ARL’s proprietary 3D Wind Field Model allows viewability of topographical maps encompassing 80% of the world (with exception of extreme North and South poles) utilizing NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Data (SRTM) digital elevation models.

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