Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC Partners with Hilco Streambank on Sale of IP Assets

During the transitional phase of Vanity, a women’s clothing store with 140 locations in 27 states, Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (DBTS) partnered with Hilco Streambank on the sale of Vanity’s IP Assets.  Hilco was marketing Vanity.com and Vanity.net after the company that owned these domain names filed for bankruptcy. DBTS currently manages all domain names for Vanity, and will be working to transition the domain name to the new owner once the deal (including associated trademarks) closes.  A first step in a multi-part strategy to modernize the marketplace for 800 numbers, industry veteran Jay Westerdal has plans to implement the domains as next level search tools.

Vanity.com and Vanity.net to Sell for $340,000

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