LR-x® Technology Earns Finalist Position at TEEX Showcase

Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC (DBTS) presented LR-x® Technology (licensed from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory under US Patent Application 13/452,047 filed on April 20, 2012) as one of twelve finalists at the Defense to Response Technology Showcase (D2R) in College Station, TX put on by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service.  D2R funds technologies to elevate public safety and homeland security.  As a finalist, DBTS was not only granted the opportunity to tour the Texas A&M Engineering division (and training facilities), but to present a technology demonstration to a panel of investors, business leaders and specific first responder personnel.  The top three finalists receive in-kind assistance from Texas A&M to further develop and market their technologies.  This year’s winners are scheduled to be announced in Q4/2017.


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