LR-x® Technology Proves Beneficial in Managing 30,000-barrel Magellan Fire

A major tank fire broke out Sunday, February 18th at the Magellan Midstream Partners fuel terminal in Fargo, ND, resulting in the implementation of LR-x® Technology, a real-time plume modeling software. The technology, licensed from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory under US Patent Application 13/452,047 filed on April 20, 2012 once again proved beneficial in providing directional plume monitoring.  Due to a variance of atmospheric conditions that can take place at any point in time, the direction of the this particular plume was adversely affected.  Having an accurate plume model up and running within five minutes helped exponentially in the planning of possible evacuations.  With a high potential of producing toxic smoke that can have an adverse affect on health, the plume from an industrial fire is crucial to track within minutes of an event.

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LR-x used in managing 30,000-barrel diesel fire

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