ONE BASIN- One Way! holds kickoff meeting ahead of NDSC Safety Conference

Bismarck, N.D. – The North Dakota Petroleum Council (NDPC) recently announced the launch of ONE BASIN One Way!, a standardized contractor safety orientation program.  ONE BASIN One Way! will hold a kickoff meeting on Tuesday, February 19, ahead of the North Dakota Safety Council’s (NDSC) annual Safety Conference, February 20-22 in Bismarck.

Currently, contractors for the oil and gas industry must meet orientation and training requirements for each company they perform work for throughout the year.  The average contractor attends 4-8 orientations, with similar material being presented each time.  This adds up to almost 1.25 million manhours lost to redundant training.  Last spring, NDPC members began developing a standardized orientation program with input from 99 committee members including producers, contractors and training providers.

These efforts produced the ONE BASIN One Way! program, an orientation program that covers safety orientation at all producer’s sites.  This will eliminate the need for contractors to sit through hours of orientations at every site where they work.  By consolidating these individual programs into one program delivering fifty five prominent safety topics, the ONE BASIN- One Way! program will deliver a robust safety orientation while concentrating on improving the overall industry safety record.

The ONE BASIN One Way! advisory committee selected the North Dakota Safety Council, TrainND Northwest, and Diamond B to provide the training.  The North Dakota Petroleum Council is encouraging all its members to join the ONE BASINOne Way! program so we can see increased efficiencies and safety across the oil and gas workforce in North Dakota.

The kickoff meeting will include an overview of the program, a review of the curriculum, and presentations from the training providers.

When:              Tuesday, February 19, 2019 1:00pm – 4:00pm CT

Where:            Bismarck Event Center – Prairie Rose Rooms

Media please RSVP to Kristen Hamman: or 701-223-6380


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