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  • labelPerformance Management

    Succeeding in an uncertain economy can be especially challenging. In addition to continually improving productivity, businesses must also accurately identify and act on trends, quickly respond to customer needs, and constantly find new ways to improve the bottom line.

    To help address these challenges DBTS helps customers with the implementation of salesfloorLIVE, a modular suite of innovative web based performance improvement and business intelligence solutions. These not only provide access to the comprehensive analytical information stores need, but also help improve operations and reduce costs. The solutions gained can help retailers manage productivity and gauge store performance by interpreting key data such as budgeting, forecasting, scheduling and task management. The power of this information is applicable to all retail environments, from clothing stores to grocery stores, restaurants to Banks, and big box stores to “stores within a store.”

  • labelWorkforce Management

    salesfloorLIVE, which is also accessible from your mobile device is a powerful and easy-to-use workforce management tool. Providing a powerful and easy-to-use scheduling module, salesfloorLIVE offers an alternative to those who wish to streamline their process while heightening the viewability to multiple facets of their day to day operations.

    Configurable features:

    • Interactive drag-and-drop interface simplifies the scheduling process and eliminates mistakes
    • Ability to update and post schedules in real-time providing instant visibility to managers and employees
    • Collaborative scheduling reduces manager’s workload
    • Eliminate schedule conflicts due to overlapping shifts, overtime and unavailability
    • Train your staff and track progress with the learning management features
    • Provide secure, centralized HR document management and storage of information
  • labelBusiness Intelligence

    While some business intelligence can be determined using tools that collect general data, salesfloorLIVE’s suite of targeted performance improvement solutions helps retailers mine the data to get a more complete picture of how a location is performing at a particular time. The resulting dashboards provide clear operational visibility into areas such as labor scheduling, sales performance indicators and store traffic trends, allowing store management to quickly make needed changes.

  • labelPredictive Analysis

    The salesfloorLIVE platform utilizes your existing customer counting system and leverages the data across multiple key performance indicators that allow you to evaluate individual performance based on the traffic opportunity.