Custom Software Development

  • labelIoT (Internet of Things)

    The Internet of Things aids in addressing real-time and developing needs in a predictive manner, bringing together all moving parts into one, cohesive operation. Through the use of IoT, we are able to provide critical synergy with the combination of machine and/or human generated data by wireless connection. At DBTS, we understand that the IoT drives business innovation.

    A few of the characteristics we strive for are:

    • Availability
    • Controllability
    • Range
    • Integration
    • Consistency

    By mapping out a business strategy, we help you to get the most out of new technology and business insights to create personalized context.

    We help our clients:

    • Identify new opportunities
    • Efficiently interact with customers
    • Improve revenue
  • labelCloud-Based Technology Strategy

    Our team understands the IoT landscape. Provided that no one vendor provides all elements needed to cohesively achieve a rounded offering, we search for the best possible fit for multiple areas. To overcome competitive challenges, vendor’s collective assets and offerings should outweigh individual opportunities.

    Primary vendor characteristics we search for are:

    • Proven ROIs
    • Existing deployments and reference cases
    • Vertical industry solutions and capabilities

    We help our customers navigate issues by building end-to-end solutions that leverage cloud-based applications in the transmission of data. DBTS is focused on solutions that are future-proof, scalable, easily implemented, and cost-effective.

  • labelSolution Design and Development

    Our in-house software design and development team spends time to effectively create detailed technical designs, validate and formalize the user experience, ultimately resulting in the development and deployment of a custom software solution.

    Using cloud-based services including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services we are able to not only host a variety of platforms, but use these services as the foundation from which to build our own platforms for hardware and software integration based on the customer’s tasks and needs.

    Several aspects our software developers can easily, and quickly provide you with:

    • Dashboard/Meter Reporting
    • Real-Time Analytics
    • Mobile Alerts

    DBTS development allows customers to use a flexible framework while managing and scaling their solutions into new and current systems. We take extra steps to ensure security risks are met head-on by evaluating the cloud landscape and creating custom solutions.

    While developing for allowance of accessibility and usability in existing procedures, we leverage our expertise in:

    • Mobile
    • Web
    • Database
    • Cloud Services
    • CRM
    • Data Analytics
    • Workflows
    • API’s
    • Custom Applications
    • Data Integration
  • labelQuality Assurance and User Testing

    DBTS provides in-house quality assurance and user testing. This aspect is essential and can be used for applications also developed in-house, or those which have been developed elsewhere.

    We want to ensure that our solutions provide continuous value to your business. The primary areas of focus during quality assurance and testing consists of hardware/software compatibility, user/device interaction, cross-domain interoperability, security, user-experience validation, and environment acceptance. Additional areas such as runtime management, support, and custom development integrations are also available.