IP Asset Preservation

  • labelWhat are your IP Assets?

    Your company’s Intellectual Property (IP) assets are an important part of the identity of your organization.  Preservation of IP assets is of vital importance, as they are at times considered more valuable than even your physical assets. Domain names, trade-marks, registered design, patents, phone numbers, email lists, and transactional (purchase) behavior data are some examples of valuable IP assets. 

    If IP Assets are not managed correctly, they are at high risk of quickly diminishing in value.  By partnering with a knowledgeable team, you are proactively taking the necessary steps to ensure your IP asset value is preserved.

  • labelAsset Management

    Management of Intellectual Property in the form of technology and data assets includes cataloging the assets, identifying the “location” of the assets, and ensuring there is proper authorization to access the assets.  Some assets may be contained in third party cloud based systems that become inaccessible if a subscription is terminated.  Some information may reside on employee phones, PCs, or tablets.  Some information may be stored on servers that become useless with the departure of a specific employee.

    Through a methodical process, DBTS helps clients manage the daunting and risky task of ensuring that customer lists, transactions, loyalty programs, social networks, email marketing programs, and other IP assets remain accessible and do not lose their value because of inaccessibility.

  • labelAudit and Compliance Management (Support)

    As a business transitions the importance of your regulatory and compliance audits are not diminished.  It may require even more rigor and focus to ensure that all audits are being managed effectively.

    HIPPA, PCI, SOX and others will remain an important part of your business’s past as well as its future.  Ensuring you remain complaint through transition is extremely important.  Choosing a vendor to support these initiatives is a key component in a successful transition.

  • labelTransitional Management

    Facing a transition, acquisition, liquidation, turnaround or bankruptcy is an overwhelming time for a company. The process and hiring of an outside entity to manage the technology team through the decommissioning, data extraction, and asset sales is an important and often overlooked task.

    Transition Management includes evaluating the value of domain names, trademarks, patents, logos, phone numbers, etc. and creating a plan to retain, liquidate, or decommission them.  DBTS has experience with industry leaders in the IP liquidation industry and can leverage those relationships to our customers benefit.