Transportation & Logistics

  • labelProfessional Services

    With over fifteen years of experience in rail logistics, DBTS can help you better understand and navigate rail capacity requirements that are necessary for the application of new service agreements while continuing daily rail service, to reduce interruptions. DBTS has facilitated in multiple terminal and track designs to create a fast, safe, and smooth transfer of product. Our terminal designs have proven to be economical, safe, secure and preferred by most rail lines.

    Conveyance of delivery instructions to railway companies can be confusing. Having built a strong relationship with numerous railroad companies we take your aspirations and translate them while avoiding any miscommunication. DBTS not only manages switching schedules but also matches the capacities of the origin terminal, railway service, and destination terminal with your product volumes, creating the most cost-effective shipping options for your business.

    Services we offer:

    • Terminal automation and design
    • Process improvement consulting
    • New facility build-out and start-up support
    • Data analysis consulting
    • Transloading terminal management and forecasting
    • Systems integration
    • Training / support
    • Project management
    • Hardware & software maintenance
  • labelEquipment Services

    DBTS utilizes a variety of equipment services and maintenance to ensure that the customer’s transloading experiences are delivered in a safe, secure, predictable and highly-available manner.

    Our equipment services include the following:

    • Help desk
    • Solution customization
    • Field-level support both on-line and on-site
    • Equipment maintenance, both routine and emergency
    • Retrofit and upgrade services – DBTS can work with customers’ existing vendors on equipment upgrades, and provide seamless integration into various management systems and environments
  • labelDesign/Engineering

    DBTS can design, build, install and integrate hardware and equipment specific to any transloading terminals needs. Our experienced engineering design team works with our customers to insure a successful installation.

    Several components that we can deliver include:

    • Transload Cart Equipment
    • Weatherproof Enclosure for PLCs, Displays and WiFi Radios
    • Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
    • High Visibility LED Display with Weatherproof Enclosure

    DBTS also has expertise in designing and equipping terminals with the optimal networking infrastructure. Custom industrial grade wireless and / or fiber optic networks can be designed and installed to meet the needs of the customer for real-time monitoring of transloading operations:

    • WiFi Radio, Antenna, Cables, Connectors & Network Switch
    • Wireless Repeater Equipment
    • Network Firewall with VPN and secondary Internet Failover