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As a leader in technology and logistic solutions, DBTS is uniquely qualified to partner in the optimization of business operations. Through the creation of unparalleled value and opportunity, we help to simplify procedures, enhance safety parameters, and expand the boundaries of smart and connected technology solutions.


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Successful Migration and Peace of Mind

Summary: When looking for a facility to host your application(s) and critical data there are many aspects to be mindful of, such as location, environmental concerns, energy prices, onsite management capabilities, etc.  Data centers have to be more than just a data storage facility.  They have to be a managed service provider, an expert on electricity consumption, understand complex...


Our Process

We ensure that all aspects of a solution are identified and addressed in an efficient, strategic manner to unlock the full potential of our client’s business as if it were our own. Our results provide solutions that are enduring, repeatable, pragmatic and action-oriented.



Consultation of process, project deliverables, and usability principles.


Solution creation tailored to your business needs providing an increase in efficiency and safety.


On-site coordination and integration of necessary components.


Training and progress meetings.

  • Our choice of hosting facility needed to have the reliability and access that was necessary to ensure un-interrupted access of the documents by our members. I have peace of mind knowing that our information is housed at Parsec data.

    Parsec Customer
  • Using ProCertX has increased our safety measures and made the day to day management of user easier. The efficiency created by tracking credentials and training in one location has allows us the ability to focus our resources on increased productivity.

    Deb Schwabe, Administrator
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DBTS has had a wide range of product solutions available to customize solutions that fit our individual client’s needs. Our team is continuously reviewing, testing, and evaluating to ensure we recommend only the proven best.

What services can
we provide for you?

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